Hi guys,

I hope you’re all having a fabulous morning. Two weeks left of my first year of Uni means two things – more time to write and more time to do  just about everything else I want to do (well, that’s clearly more than two things. I’ve never been the brightest with numbers but, meh). Aaanyway, with the holidays coming up soon I’ll be returning to my ‘Home Sweet Home’ where I can take pictures in fine Southern weather and blog about just how ‘fine’ the weather actually is – ah, I’ll definitely have much more interesting things to blog about. Honestly, this is just the start up I swear, stay with me.

Now, on to the actual blog! This is the second day it’s been up and running and trust me, there will be either a picture of coffee or an entire post on coffee here somewhere. It’s all still new and exciting to me (let’s hope that excitement doesn’t fade soon, I’ve waited ages to finally start blogging). So yes, a blog, Instagram and Facebook – wow, I’ll be needing a lot of time on my hands. It’s a good thing I’m really good at managing my time then, even so I’ll aim to update my blog two to three times a week; I feel every single day may be overkill at this early stage in my blog. Besides, I need to deliver quality posts, ones that don’t look or sound like they’ve been scribbled down onto a piece of tissue or something! I mean, if you want daily posts, that’s where Instagram comes in handy (check out my Instagram Page @lady_a_j_t).

I post daily, or at least try to, on Instagram so fear not if my blog is looking a little bare at the moment. Baby steps, baby steps. I’ve added loads of new content onto the other sections of my blog too, so don’t forget to take a peek at them as well.

With love,

Anna xoxo


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