Hey guys,

I have some great news. My debut novel The Dark Maiden will be returning to Amazon very soon! After quite the break, which had allowed me to rethink the meaning of life and self-publishing, I’ve decided to go back to what I do best (since I’m not really good at anything else!). I’m really excited to re-published my book, the all-new, upgraded; polished version. I decided to return to self-publishing after realizing that I love having the freedom that self-publishing offers you and, quite frankly, I don’t think I would want to publish any other way. My books are my business and my business is my books. I really do love writing, it isn’t about the money at the end of the day – or really about how many sales you make. It’s about why you had made x amount of sales – I want to go back to writing for and entertaining people, to share the stories that are just bubbling up inside of me and waiting to explode.

So, there’s my fantastic news. I hope you thought so, at least. Can’t wait to finally get going with my writing again.

Lots of love,

Anna xoxo

Book Cover - Paint


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