Hi guys,

First of all, I just wanted to thank everyone who has downloaded my book – The Dark Maiden – over the last two days so far. Hurry though, the offer is still running until the 9th of April. Download The Dark Maiden on the Kindle app FOR FREE (any reviews left on Amazon would be awesome, thank you).

Anyhoo, I’ll admit that my first year of uni really hasn’t been what I had expected at all. I had loved it and hated it and then loved it some more. The fact of the matter is though that I’m actually really glad that it’s finished and I’m all ready for second year. Bring it on, how hard can it be? Ah, ok. I know that second year will be hard and third year will be even worse, but it’s all about pushing through, right? Whether people like to hear it or not, go into uni being as selfish as you possibly can. Hey, it worked for me during first year – I turned down friends’ offers to go to dancing in an overcrowded pub every Thursday (I limited myself with how many times I went), or even frequent trips to town so that I could get everything I needed to do done and dusted. I mean come on, I’m not that boring. Girls just wanna have fun, am I right or am I right?). But the point is….I got all of my work done and ended up having so much free time that I managed to finally start my blog, publish my book on Kindle (paperback of The Dark Maiden will be available on the 1st of June 2017) and catch up on one heck of a TBR book list of mine. Oh, it keeps on growing, trust me when I tell you that.

Moving away from the whole idea of uni though, because I feel I have exhausted myself with how much I can really say about my eat, read, sleep and repeat routine; I’m so excited for the rest of Spring and of course Summer. Maybe I’m getting too excited for summer a little too early? I have so much planned over the holidays it’s not even funny. With my book coming to paperback (only available on Amazon Kindle app at the moment), editing of the other three books I’ve written; work and hella loads of studying of German, I’ll be having quite a packed spring and summer. Hard work pays off though. That doesn’t mean that I’ll be cutting my blog or Instagram some slack, no I hope to be filling it with plenty of posts over my time back at home. Stay tuned for that, boy am I looking forward to the holidays because of it.

With love,

Anna xoxo


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