Welcome to the Books Page, here you’ll find everything you need (or want) to know about my work – the books I write, what I write and so forth – until I have an author’s website set up at least!

Where It All Began – Friday 31st March, 2017

My (epically entertaining) writing journey started when I was fourteen and I finally decided to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard more like, and start what is now the first book within my YA, dark fantasy series – The Tales of Iradas – that’s right, 2011 was the year when I began writing The Dark Maiden. Now, six years later (can’t believe I’m turning twenty in 2017, aaaaah – where’s my life going) I’ve penned the first three books in the six book series and am working towards publication. It seems crazy to think that all those years ago I was actually brave enough to start writing a full length novel, something that I was really passionate about doing and, quite proudly, I’ve obviously carried on with it.

Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing – Decisions, Decision!

I’ve tried going down the good old route of traditional publishing. I’ve put myself through the torture of writing that damned query letter that I hate so much, polishing up my first three chapters of my work and then sending it off to a literary agent; biting my nails and checking my emails every two seconds whilst waiting for a response. I did get an offer once but, I was majorly disappointed to find out that the so-called ‘Traditional Publisher’ (not naming names here) was in fact a Vanity Publisher. For any aspiring writers reading this post – STAY AWAY FROM VANITY PUBLISHERS – I can’t stress that enough.

I always bashed self-publishing for being unprofessional and quite frankly, just for not seeming as serious as traditional publishers. Ok, bring on the mean comments I guess I deserve them, loads of authors have self-published their books and have become very successful authors because of it. Either way, traditionally published, self-published…at the end of the day you’re still a published author. Now, after having experienced first hand just how vexing literary agents and publishers can be (I understand competition is tough), I’ve decided that I’m fully onboard the self-publishing wagon. In fact, using a publishing platform like Amazon’s Createspace has loads of perks to it. Here, let me list them down for you:

  • You get waaaay more freedom when it comes to formatting your book – cover, font, pictures inside; all of it is up to you and you don’t need to go through your decisions with an agent. You get to choose everything!
  • You can choose the price of your book and the type of distribution of your book.
  • Believe it or not, you get more money out of self-publishing through a platform like Createspace. A traditionally published author will get around 7.5% profit per paperback book and 10% per hardback – thanks for the helpful figures, Writer’s Digest! So self-publishing = more money for all your hard work. Hooray!
  • Publishing any book ultimately makes your book your business, literally. With self-publishing, you get to run your ‘business’ however you want, in a way that suits you and whenever it suits you. It’s a lot of hard work but, quite frankly what doesn’t require a little elbow grease nowadays?

So, I offer my sincerest apologies to self-publishing, for having ever bashed it in the first place. As long as you put your mind to it and you believe that you can succeed, I don’t see why being a self-published authors makes you any less ‘professional’ than a traditionally published author. Keep writing, keeping planning and keep believing you can do it.

With love,

Anna xoxo