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Au Naturale! (Makeup wise, I mean) – Thursday 30th March, 2017

Hi everyone,

Wow, this is my first Fashion/Makeup post. I’m sure you’ve now guessed from my wonderfully creative title that I do mean natural makeup looks (please, don’t go ahead and think I mean the other meaning of Au Naturale, a.k.a your birthday suit). OK, I’m just going to go on and say that yes, I love makeup and I do wear it – the only thing is that I’ve recently, well, not exactly fallen out with the concept of using makeup, I’ve just fallen in love with the whole natural look; you know? I’m talking shades of brown, cream, white, pastel colours, pink or nude lipsticks – I don’t do lip-gloss, too much hassle on a windy day (pretty much everyday in the North) with my hair down…oh dear, I won’t get myself started on that. Long story short…no lip-gloss!


I am wearing: MUA Concealer, MUA Pro-Brow Palette, MUA Matte Satin Powder, Collection Fast Stroke Defining Lash Mascara, Revolution Awesome Lash Mascara, MUA Eyeshadow Palette – Heaven and Earth and Technic Gel Eyeliner.


I’m a huge fan of winged liner, although I admit that I’ve recently stopped wearing eyeliner everyday and now tend to only add it on when a) I want to feel a little fancier than usual and b) when I can be bothered to put it on. Let’s be serious now, reason B is definitely the main reason for me not wearing eyeliner as often as I used to.

My goal anyhow, ideally, is to invest in cosmetics and products that will hopefully allow me to, I’m not sure if ‘not have to’ is the right way to word it but, so I won’t need to wear makeup I suppose.  There isn’t really any other way around this, I’ve always had troubled skin since I was like twelve or thirteen and now that I’ve managed to get that under control, I want to invest in other parts of my…err, face? Let’s just go with that. Why bother filling your eyebrows in (like I have to do at the moment) when you can just invest in an eyebrow serum that will naturally make your eyebrows grow thicker, darker and healthier. Same with eyelashes, invest in a lash serum that will naturally make your lashes longer and thicker. I don’t know about you but, I would love to be able to rub at my eyes when I’m tired and not get gunk all over my hands from where…oops, oh yeah, I had put my makeup on.


Confession – I sometimes cheat with my winged liner and use the good old tape trick.


For now, I’ll just be sticking to makeup. I can, however, offer a few tips and tricks that have worked for me in the past, that can really help your brows and lashes grow. In my experience, my eyebrows grow far quicker than my lashes do, even if I use the same tricks/products. I guess that’s just me though. DISCLAIMER: These tips have worked for me, so don’t feel discouraged if they don’t work for you in the same way – everyone is different.

  • Castor Oil – this works miracles for my eyebrows and even for my lashes. When using them on my lashes, I just dip an old (clean) mascara wand into the oil and coat my lashes generously with it. REMEMBER: Only keep the oil on your lashes for 30 minutes. You can do this everyday. For my eyebrows, I simply dip a cotton bud or even just use my finger to generously coat my eyebrows with the oil. Make sure that you rub the oil in both directions to which the hair is growing. This can be done every day, I would recommend putting it on before going to bed – don’t worry, your pillows won’t get ruined.
  • Xlash Serum – OK, I admit I haven’t used this product before but I will eventually, my mum has used it before and she told me that it worked miracles – and I could see the results myself whenever she used it. This is a product I need to try myself.
  • Coconut Oil – good old coconut oil, it comes to the rescue for any beauty problems. Simply massaging it into your eyebrows with help nourish and thicken your brows. This does take time though, as does the castor oil but, you need to have patience. Good things come to those who wait.

Well, what are you waiting for. Those brows and lashes aren’t going to grow themselves you kn…oh wait, never mind they will. That doesn’t mean you can’t give the growing process a helpful little push to speed it up. Spring is finally here and summer is coming by next, get started in growing those lashes and brows out, so that you won’t have to worry about your mascara and brow powder melting on you when the warmer weather really hits. I know I’ll certainly keep working on them.

With love,

Anna xoxo

Outfit of the Day – 30/03/2017