Wednesday 29th March, 2017

Writing is something I take very seriously. I know, I know – writing should be fun! Writing should be relaxing! It is, of course it is. I love writing and quite frankly, I’ve been doing it for so long now that I couldn’t possibly imagine life without it (now that’s a little dramatic, isn’t it? Yeah, no!) Seriously, a chapter a day keeps the insanity away! For me at least.



‘Writing and, dare I say it, why you should persevere after countless rejections from Literary Agents’ – Thursday 30th March, 2017


Thanks so much for wandering over to the writing page on my blog. I’m sure you must be think ‘baby pink background, delicate rose boarders and curvaceously err….curly headings’ – she writes romance? Ah well, terribly sorry to disappoint you if that’s what you were actually expecting. Nah, maybe in the distant future; perhaps, perhaps. I actually like writing fantasy (dum, dum, duuum!) The kind of dark fantasy where the princess manages to save herself, demented sorcerers playing around with dark magic…but no dragons, sorry. I ain’t no George R.R. Martin – if only! Think Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas or Prince of Thorns by Mark Lawrence, now we’re talking.

Whilst writing this post I was really contemplating (the meaning of life? No but, I do do that), I was actually deciding whether or not I should start putting up sample chapters of my books. I guess that’s up to you, dear readers. Chapter samples – yay or nay?!?!

(What did I tell you? Coffee, obviously!)


I’ve currently overloaded myself with one writing project on top of another, something I really shouldn’t have done but, it’s too late; I’m already suffering the consequences of my actions. That’s right, my mind is running riot, too many thoughts in one small place (my brain, I assure you, isn’t that big at all so the poor thing can only take so much at once). To say I just got too excited and had a bit of a brainstorm of about five new novels would be an understatement. I lack self control, that’s the problem, and once I put pen to paper there seems to be no way of stopping me. Is that necessarily a bad thing? If you came to the writing aspect of my blog seeking inspiration, reasons to start writing or to even finish a novel you may have already started and shoved away into the deepest, darkest part of you desk drawers; then I can help you. At least I think I can.

I started writing full length novels when I was fourteen and I haven’t looked back, as cheesy as it may sound I feel like writing gives me some sort of purpose in life. Think about it this way, you want to write a novel and of course you want to get it published! I know you must all be thinking “yeah but, competition for new novel ideas is really tough now”, well firstly, when has it ever been easy? Secondly, that’s why you stick to your guns and keep pestering Literary Agents (without really being a pest I mean, do you want to get published or not?). Heck, even I’m still working towards finding a Literary Agent myself, it’s hella hard but, won’t it be worth it when you finally get what you’ve been working so hard for and you see your shiny new book in all of the book shops know to man? (Exaggerated much?). Don’t make me attach the video of Shia LaBeouf screaming “JUST DO IT!!!” at you but, seriously…just do it. Keep writing, keep piling one project on top of the other because when you make it big, you’ll have a whole portfolio of ideas ready at hand to take the career you’ve worked so hard for even further.

(Phew, end of hopefully motivational speech, post, blog…thing).

With love,

Anna xoxo